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The Gold Standard

At California Wellness, we believe a prosperous life is available to all who seek it, and EVERY single person can, and has an obligation to change their lives for the better. The Gold Standard is our multi-dimensional method of treatment that focuses on detoxifying the body, enabling self-discovery, strengthening family bonds, promoting physical health, and developing professional skills in order to create the optimal environment for Recovery. With a team of highly experienced and caring professionals and an enticing schedule of activities, we aim to establish a solid foundation for a prosperous life in Recovery.


Wellness Methods

Personal Therapy

Personal Therapy is where caring Counselors help you break away from past habits, establish healthier coping mechanisms, rediscover yourself, and start your Road to Recovery.

Family Therapy is how we strengthen the Family Unit and build a Support System for your Recovery by promoting effective communication and healing past grievances.

Group Therapy

In Group Therapy, you and your peers participate in engaging counseling sessions, share and learn from each other’s experiences, and build lifelong friendships to set the foundation for your recovery.

Wellness Therapy

To have a chance to fully Recover and avoid relapse, one must learn how to develop a lifestyle that can deliver happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment

Live-in healthcare facility that provides 24-hour treatment and support from licensed clinical staff in a comfortable, enjoyable and compassionate environment.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

The first step in treating addiction, where physicians specialized in Addiction Medicine help detoxify your body from the harmful effects of substance abuse.

Dual Diagnosis

Integrated approach to substance abuse and mental health interventions for individuals with co-occurring disorders.

Aftercare Program

A voluntary alumni program that provides continual support from counselors, peers, and other alumni.

Life at California Wellness

An Enjoyable Recovery Experience

We pride ourselves in offering a Five-Star Experience to everyone that walks in our doors by providing a comfortable home, fun activities, delicious meals, and an engaging daily schedule.

Dr. Iraj Shamsian, Psy.D. MFT

Clinical Director of California Wellness

Renowned Addiction Treatment Psychologist

“Over the past 30 years, I’ve helped thousands of men and women struggling with addiction recover and witnessed the profound effects it has on their lives and their loved ones. That’s why I joined California Wellness. We believe every person who is impacted by drug or alcohol addiction deserves a chance to recover and build a prosperous and joyous future for themselves. With California Wellness, individuals and families dealing with the painful effects of addiction, find a dedicated and caring team of experts and a healing environment that will support them in every step of the way.”

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