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Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis refers to a person with both a drug dependence and an underlying mental disorder. Individuals with mental illnesses are twice as likely to abuse substances and It is a well-known fact that substance abuse can lead to mental illness.
Addiction is a mental illness; however, many times the root causes are related to another mental disorder. Addiction and mental health are two sides of the same coin. When a dual diagnosis is made, integrative therapy can be used to address mental health during and after treatment for substance abuse.

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Drug and Alcohol Detox is usually the first step in an addiction treatment process. This allows the provider to safely manage the individual’s withdrawal symptoms. To protect against any health issues that could arise, clients are under 24-hour supervision.

Withdrawal symptoms can often occur when illicit drug or alcohol use is stopped. This could quickly lead to relapse if the team of skilled providers does not intervene. A registered nurse or physician can safely prescribe medication to reduce cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. The provider can adjust the dose or prescribe a substitute if the patient is not responding. The provider will not only clean out the patient’s body from chemical toxins but also treat co-occurring mental or emotional disorders.

Residential Treatment


A Residential Treatment center provides 24-hour support by licensed clinical and medical staff, such as addiction therapists, substance abuse counsellors, holistic therapists, and behavioral health technicians.

Individuals who need more intensive care than is available in outpatient sessions may be able to benefit from residential treatment. Our addiction therapists will meet with the client during the initial intake to assess their needs.

Aftercare Program

Our program is family oriented and it extends beyond the time you are finished with your treatment. All our graduates receive a weekly aftercare session. California Wellness residents can participate in Aftercare to ensure that they have a long-lasting sobriety. This voluntary alumni program provides support from counselors and peers. What to Expect in the Aftercare program?

  • Periodic follow-ups and check-ups via emails, texts, phone calls to provide support and ensure sobriety
  • Fun events (bowling, movie nights, picnics, beach, dinner, etc.) – the point is to make connections that encourage lifelong sobriety
  • Assistance with resumes and cover letters


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